Behavioral Addictions

Counselling for Behavioral addictions
  • Is your child or friend into gambling?
  • Gaming Addiction?
  • Internet Addiction?
  • Sex addiction?
  • Do you find the addiction uncontrollable?

Behavioral addictions are one of the major problems, the public is undergoing, as these addictions are not socially unacceptable like, Alcohol dependency, drugs etc… But the condition can cause extreme levels of adversities such as, denying life realities and responsibilities, missing work or any significant events, fighting with friends and family, sleep disturbances, sleep related issues etc… Gambling addictions takes place in people of varied age groups, and especially among young people from 18 to 24, which is considered as an important period of life. Internet addiction is seen among almost all age groups, with the increase in technological accessibilities. The virtual world gradually integrates into each dimension’s of an individual’s life and slowly consumes the healthy pattern of thoughts and misguides the individuals by implying the forms and patterns of unrealistic ideas of the virtual world. Gaming addiction is also seen among the public, which also reasons for missing the significant events of a person’s life and it can also impact the personality of an individual. The duration of usage of any kind of digital technologies and tools causes several physical vulnerabilities too, and the impacts are seen in many people, in their later life. Sexual addictions, involves patterns of sexual impulses and activities that can impact the social, familial and other areas of an individual’s life. These types of individuals are prone to number of physical and psychological vulnerabilities at the same time. Behavioral addiction also involves, Eating addiction, shopping addiction, work addiction etc..

How can we help you heal this?

  • To lower the trigger and impulses
  • Helping to bridge connection with realistic world
  • Lower maladaptive behavior
  • Rebuild inter-personal relationships
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