Best Deaddiction Centre in Kerala

Once addicted the transformation journey to a purposeful life might be difficult but possible. De-addiction and rehabilitation from the best rehabilitation centre in Kochi will help you achieve them easily. The term 'De-addiction', involves bringing an individual back to normality and helping them blend back in with society with an active personality. Each individual need special and unique treatment based on the kind of material they are addicted to and the behaviour of the patient. We focus on improving their areas of interest, keep them engaged to gift them a new phase of life. A Psychiatrist provides the guidance to go through the stages of Detox and with the support of medication psychological well-being of the patient is taken care of with utmost care and support assisted by a psychologist and a social worker. Among the few best deaddiction centre in Kerala, we prevail No.1 as we care for your health more than the rest.

Speciality of De-addiction At Solace Raha:

The idea behind entitling our De-addiction service as 'Vacation & De-addiction' was to provide you with an atmosphere where peace resides as you aim for permanent recovery from addictions. Ensuring that you never feel the difficulties of a hospital-like atmosphere instead find this as comfortable as a vacay trip.

Our steps of De-addiction

  • Admission: Most of the patients show hesitation mainly in the first step that's where they are making an appointment with us. Here we promise that your mind & health is taken proper care of, once you are admitted so there's no need for any sort of tension. Getting back to your normal and happy life is now just a call away.
  • In-take: The next step after admission, here the patients are examined for the materials they brought along, once this is completed, the patient will be taken in for further treatment.
  • Assessment and Evaluation: The treatment is initiated at this stage, here the patient undergoes certain levels of examination which are conducted by top medical practitioners.
  • Detox: After the assessment, detoxification will be the next step, in this process all harmful substances from the body are removed and then the treatment will proceed with a clearer state.
  • In-patient Treatment: The daily assessments, medications under supervision etc are carried out.

The other treatments carried out during In-patient care treatment are :

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Leisure activities

Best Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi
Best Deaddiction Centre in Kerala
Best Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi
Best Deaddiction Centre in Kerala
Best Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi
Best Deaddiction Centre in Kerala
Best Rehabilitation Centre in Kochi
Best Deaddiction Centre in Kerala
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