Self Confidence

Counselling for Low Self Esteem & Confidence in Kerala
  • Still self-doubt persists?
  • Feeling of having no drive or direction?
  • Do you find it uneasy to take up the responsibilities?
  • Does a Past failure still affect you?

Confidence is a commonly used term as it is the most inevitable sign of personality that everyone looks forward for. It is usually interpreted as a meter to measure the strength of a person in all the dimensions, at the same time the confidence can be understood as a bridge that can connect the ‘Ideal and Actual You’. Even when we all have an ideal self about ourselves, the actual consumption of it could be hindered due to the lack of confidence. Confidence doesn’t need to be consistent across all the streams of your life; it might be stable and better in some areas whereas some areas might be backlogged. As behaviour is something that we learn and acquire, it can be changed and modified at any point of time, proving the confidence can be better built under proper guidance and support. In order of having Lack of self confidence, a step can be taken in forth to boost and grab the real potentials in you.

‘The number of mistakes doesn’t matter, but the repetition of the same mistake matters’

How can we help to heal your issue?

  • Early unhappy environment and childhood traumas are resolved.
  • Helping to find inner strengths
  • Helping to have a bigger picture of yourself
  • Helping to break the chain of self doubts
  • Helping in Decision making
  • Cultivate self-esteem
  • Helping to present yourself to the world
  • Improve communication skills and Professional communication
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