Work-related Stress

Best counsellors for work-related stress
  • Unable to meet rising expectation?
  • Lack of job satisfaction?
  • Pressure to work at optimum level?
  • Financial troubles?
  • Is the same pattern of work distressing you?

Stress is commonly interpreted as overburdening of daily activities, duration of work, the nature of engagement and so on. Stress can be considered as a source of motivation that helps to line up the work and commitments as scheduled and make it compatible with the provided time. The stress at the same time stands as a pressure timer which can lower down the potentials of the individual. This resulting capacity-drain of the individual is what increases the tendency of overshadowing the pressure of work over the benefits of work and the future entitlements. The counselling in this area focuses on the fact of enabling the individuals to focus on things they can control, and also to improve the effective ways to deal the problems.

How can we help to heal your issue?

  • Prioritize tasks
  • To plan regular breaks
  • To break the activities into small tasks
  • Enhance co-worker relationship
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Help to establish healthy boundaries and commitments
  • Improve concentration
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